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Exceptional Skills In Video Production

Great leaderships skills working with crew members and actors                           Great time management skills

Detailed Oriented                                                                                       Communication skills on and off set

Organized                                                                                                 Willing to try new techniques


As well as editing, I have learned the facets of pre-production and production. I have been in varying positions from concept development all the way up to directing. Below is a selection of videos where I have participated in multiple roles.  

Cups (When I'm Gone) Cover

I created this when I wanted to try editing a video with the same person in it in three different positions. This was an experimental project. 

Role: Creator, Cinematographer, Editor

The Facebook Lie

This is a scene from a script I created for my script writing class, about how easy it is to device people online. 

Role: Scriptwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator

Now You See Me Scene Recreation

This is the interrogation scene from the movie Now You See Me that my team did for a scene recreation. 

Role: Audio, Editor, Color

Sense of Place - House

This project was a video project that was based off a poem that my partner and I wrote. 

Role: Editor, Color

Don't Threaten Me With YouTube

This is a parody video used for a theology final  discussing the dangers of too much YouTube. 

Role: Lyricist, Director, Actor, Editor

The Difference Between Public and Private
Christian  Schools

This is a Semester project I did where I interviewed students who went to a private Christian school about their experience growing up.

Role: Interviewer, Cinematographer, Editor

Prairie Grass Film Challenge TV Ad

This TV commercial is promoting the award ceremony for the Prairie Grass Film Challenge. 

Role: Audio, Editor, Color

Move In Day - Star Wars Fan Film

The Star Wars Fan Film was my first project that i wrote and directed myself. 

Role: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor