Exceptional Skills In

*Video Production

*Leadership (with crew and actors)

*Time Management

*Communication on and off set

*Detail Oriented

*Adaptable to new techniques

In addition to editing, I mastered the facets of pre-production and production from positions ranging from the concept development to directing. Following is a selection of videos within which I performed multiple roles: 

Cups (When I'm Gone) Cover

I created this when I wanted to try editing a video with the same person in it in three different positions. This was an experimental project. 

Role: Creator, Cinematographer, Editor

The Facebook Lie

This is a scene from a script I created for my script writing class, about how easy it is to deceive people online. 

Role: Scriptwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator

Now You See Me Scene Recreation

This is the interrogation scene from the movie Now You See Me that my team did for a scene recreation. 

Role: Audio, Editor, Color

Sense of Place - House

This project was a video project that was based off a poem that my partner and I wrote. 

Role: Editor, Color

Don't Threaten Me With YouTube

This is a parody video used for a theology final  discussing the dangers of too much YouTube. 

Role: Lyricist, Director, Actor, Editor

The Difference Between Public and Private
Christian  Schools

This is a semester project I did where I interviewed students who went to a private Christian school about their experience growing up.

Role: Interviewer, Cinematographer, Editor

Prairie Grass Film Challenge TV Ad

This TV commercial is promoting the award ceremony for the Prairie Grass Film Challenge. 

Role: Audio, Editor, Color

Move In Day - Star Wars Fan Film

The Star Wars Fan Film was my first project that i wrote and directed myself. 

Role: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor 



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