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I was introduced to graphic design in college. I have had multiple design classes, from beginning design, up to advance design. I am currently a graphic designer for ARMY Magazine, where I collaborate with writers and designers from around the world to design blogs and social media posts, as well as designing for their quarterly magazine that is published.  

Social Media Post /Single  Page Designs

Multiple Page Designs

An editorial designer for Army Magazine. I work on designing magazine spreads for each issue of the magazine. 

Issue 8 Designs Spreads (4   Spreads Designed)

Spread 1: "Music Collaborations" (4 Pages)

Spread 2: "What's in Store for the Next Few Years" (8 Pages)

Spread 3: "BTS Awards 2019" (4 Pages)

Spread 4: "BTS Birthdays" (4 Pages)

Issue 9 Designs Spreads (4   Spreads Designed)

Spread 1: "The Saga of Big hit vs. ARMY" (6 Pages)

Spread 2: "Comeback in Pictures" (2 Pages)

Spread 3: "Refining the Connection" (8 Pages)

Spread 4: "Dancing for BTS" (6 Pages)



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