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Highlighted Editing Project

I had the privilege to work with one of my close friends in editing a mini YouTube Series "My Culture, Your Culture," focused on the cultural differences and similarities between Korean and American (western) culture. The video above is the title sequence I created for this video series which I am proud of because it showcased the new skills I have learned over quarantine, as well as my knowledge of various Abode Creative Cloud Programs. The names of each of the interviewees were custom made in Illustrator, while the photos that were used for each interviewee were edited in Photoshop. I then combined my designs in After Effects where I did all the animations found in the title sequence. Lastly through the dynamic link capability between Premiere Pro and After Effects, I was able to finish the sequence, add the music and sound effects, as well as make any small adjustments to create the final sequence to be used in each video. I had a lot of fun creating this sequence and found it a good way to practice my new skills.  (The entire mini-series I will post here shortly once we get the final approval)

Editing Demo Reel

My editing demo reel showcases highlights from film projects that I have the privilege to work on over the past couple of years as an editor. 

Works showcased in reel

Sparrow - 2019

"Downloading... Swing Dance" - 2018

"One Last Dance" - 2018

"You're Invited" - 2017

Examples of Editing Work

Downloading... Swing Dance

This project was a documentary film class assignment. My partner and I filmed the Swing Dance clubs at our college and our friend's college in Colorado. This project was edited in Avid Media Composer and the special effects and animations were made in Adobe After Effects. 

You're Invited  Short Film Trailer

This trailer was made for the Short Film project at school I had the privilege to be the editor for. The trailer, as well as the actual film, was edited in Avid Media Composer, with the effects done in Adobe After Effects and Premiere, and the color was done in Davinci Resolve. I learned how to seamlessly move data between all three editing soft wares without losing any video quality.

The Facebook Lie

This project is created from the script I wrote for my scriptwriting class by the same title. Editing was a big part of this project because this was my first attempt at a green screen. I used Illustrator to create the graphics and After Effects for the animations

Sense of  Place Video - House

This project required a poem about a location in town, and then we had to go to film that location, so it fits the mood of the poem. I did all the editing for the project as well as the color correction.

Prairie Grass Film Challenge TV AD

For the award ceremony for the Prairie Grass Film Challenge, my team and I created a television commercial to promote the award ceremony. The video was broadcast throughout Iowa. I was the editor and colorist for this project. 

Star Wars Fan Film -

Move In Day

This was my first self-directed and edited film from freshman year. My animation of the lightsaber throughout the video is highlighted.

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