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Editing Demo Reel

My demo reel for editing shows examples from three film projects that I had the privilege to work on over the past couple years where I was the editor. 

Works showcased in reel

Sparrow - 2019

"Downloading... Swing Dance" - 2018

"One Last Dance" - 2018

"You're Invited" - 2017

Example of Editing Work

Downloading... Swing Dance

This project was for my documentary film class, where my partner and I filmed the Sing Dance clubs at our college and our friend's college in Colorado. This project was edited in Avid Media Composer and the special effects and animations were made in Adobe After Effects. 

You're Invited Short Film Trailer

Post Production

Editing Excellence

Exceptional Skills When it Comes to Editing

*Organization                                                                                    *Good Time Managing Skills 

*Importing and Export Footage                                                              *Able to Move Videos Across Software Programs Without

*Color                                                                                                Compromising the Quality of the Footage

*Willingness to try new Editing Techniques                                              *Able to edit on a short deadline

In the whole production of a video, post production is my favorite. I enjoy collecting all the bits and pieces of the story that was shot on the camera, and like a puzzle, I am able to put together to form a beautiful story. I am most comfortable with using Avid Media Composer, and I am studying to pass the Avid Certification Exam. Yet I know how to work my way around Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve.

Prairie Grass Film Challenge TV AD

For the award ceremony for the Prairie Grass Film Challenge, my team and I created a television commercial to promote the award ceremony. The video was broadcasted throughout all of Iowa. I was the editor and colorist for this project. 

Sense of  Place Video - House

This project was about writing a poem about a location in town, and then we had to go film that location so it fit the mood of the poem. I did all the editing for the project as well as the color correction.

The Facebook Lie

This project is a scene from the script I wrote for my script writing class. Editing was a big part of this project, because this was my firs attempt at green screen. All the graphics were hand made by me Illustrator and the animated in After Effects. 

This trailer was made for the Short Film project at school I had the privliage to be the editor for. The trailer, as well as the actual film, was edited in Avid Media Composer, with the effects done in Adobe After Effects and Premiere, and color was done in Davinici Resolve. I learned how to seamlessly move data between all three editing soft wares without losing any video quality.

Star Wars Fan Film - Move In Day

This was my first self-directed and edited film from freshman year. The big thing with the editing is I animate the light saber throughout the whole of the video.